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Time to enjoy Summertime on the Fresh Coast!


How did the Explore Wisconsin Series come to be? Glad you asked. Every week at the brewery, as we gather around the proverbial "water cooler" (ours looks like a box of donuts) we discuss what we did over the weekend. Almost without fail, someone made it to a corner of the state that someone hasn't had the good fortune to experience. Cities, towns, communities, and regions full of activities, nature wonder, great restaurants and bars, and amazing people.

Since we love this state we call home we wanted to share our "water cooler" moments with all of our fans. We love finding new places to explore and we thought the best way to do that is through our beer.  The Explore Wisconsin Series was born.

Meet The Photographers

Each photo we've used has been provided either by a local photographer or by the visitor bureau for that location. Either way, there is always more to the story than just a snapshot. Click below for some background about the gorgeous shots we've used.