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Ric Tic

March 17 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Ric Tic! Is an up and coming band emerging from the Cheese Capital of the World Plymouth, Wisconsin. The band consists of six members Cailin Scherer, Court Ramaeker, David Koebel, Josh Cadwell, Curtis Voight and Cody Wisman.

The band plays a wide variety of music genres from rock to folk, country to pop, and blues to bluegrass. The band utilizes a variety of different instruments. Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, lap steel, dobro, mandolin, bass, drum kit and hoists a powerful female voice.

The band name Ric Tic! Is taken from Camp Anokijig, a summer camp for youth. The first gig the band played was for a fundraiser at the camp which was to raise funds for children who need financial aid in order to attend a summer camp. A common chant heard at campfires and at celebrations at Anokijig is the big little Ric Tic!