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  • Rebel Kent the first

    Style: Amber Ale
    Availability: Year Round

    Rebel Kent the first Slider Image

Malty - Balanced - Very Sessionable

ABV: 5.00
IBU: 13

Second cousin to the Earl of Sandwich, these two loved trying to one-up each other with their unconventional combinations. While the Earl is best known for combining meat and bread, Kent thankfully went another direction and created a unique amber ale.

True to his name, Kent took a Belgian Abbey Single, upped the ABV and added some rye malt to create an amber ale unlike any that came before it. As you take a sip, the Belgian yeast and rye malt dance on your tongue. The sweetness of the Belgian yeast hits first, but is quickly balanced against the forward flavors of the rye malt. As you swallow, you are left with a clean palate, ready to experience it all over again.

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3 Sheeps and the Science Behind Bottling a Nitro Beer

October 1, 2015

Matt Tanaka, from Lakeshore Beverage, wrote a blog on our new year round nitro beer, Cashmere Hammer[sitetree_link,id=44]. In his post, he interviews Grant about the unique process of trial and error 3 Sheeps Brewery went through to bottle a nitro beer and uncovers the unique science behind it.

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